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Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Spire Capital invests in companies that operate across a broad range of business services, information services, education, media and communications industries.  Spire prides itself in partnering alongside management teams and founders to enable these small companies to grow, build organically or through M&A and develop into the next stage of their maturity. Spire professionals have a broad array of past operating, investing and advisory experiences which provides a foundation for significant value enhancement for each of our portfolio companies.

The rich history of our firm’s investment in these industries is highlighted by this illustration which captures investments made since the firm’s inception.

Highlights of our Investment Universe:

  • These industries account for a significant portion of global GDP and we believe have numerous attributes that provide significant opportunity to create valuable products and services in a constantly evolving global business market.
  • These industries include numerous sub-sectors such as BPO, cloud services, software-as-a service, data/storage management, managed technology services, security services, database management, digital media, social media, internet infrastructure, digital content publishing, education technology, wireless infrastructure, ERP applications and video infrastructure to name a few.
  • These industries' have exhibited evolving patterns with new service/product adoption, increased market demand and consistent growth over the past 30+ years. Digital migration, cloud evolution, regulatory change and broad technological innovation have resulted in a continuous stream of new entertainment, information services, educational content/services and communication services for residential and business consumers.
  • Business models within our focus industries vary widely, but many are characterized by significant barriers to entry, recurring revenue streams and, therefore, predictable cash flow generation.
  • These industries have exhibited above-average revenue and earnings growth over differing business cycles in the past several decades, and we believe will continue to do so which in turn will provide numerous opportunities for significant value creation.