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SkyMall, Inc. is a leading specialty publishing and marketing services company.  SkyMall has two main business lines:  (i) the SkyMall specialty publishing division, which publishes an in-flight quarterly catalog, SkyMall, with nearly 20 million copies distributed in the seatback pockets of all major domestic airlines, and (ii) a marketing services division, SkyMall Ventures, focused on specialty publishing and marketing services for membership loyalty programs (Marriot Rewards, Lufthansa and others). The Company is a single-channel publisher, aggregating high-quality, hard-to-find merchandise from top direct marketers and retailers such as Hammacher Schlemmer and Sharper Image.  SkyMall partners with 14 major U.S. airlines as a primary distribution channel for the SkyMall magazine.  As a result, SkyMall is seen by approximately 88% of all domestic air passengers, annually reaching 600 million air travelers and 130 million unique individuals.

Quick Facts

  • Date of Initial Investment: 12/1/2005
  • Status: Exited to Direct Brands in April 2012
  • Type of investment: Fund I
  • URL: www.skymall.com